LOUPI ELECTRONIC was founded by Fabien Poutignat in 1976 as a SARL with a share capital of 230,000 euros. Specializing in precision electronics systems, LOUPI ELECTRONIC makes embedded electronic assemblies (animation systems for POS advertising and promotion, LEDs, motors, solar pendulums, digital voice chips, microcontrollers, electroluminescent displays, flap signs, turntables, shelf talkers, etc.) for all those involved in POS and direct marketing and for point-of-sale marketing professionals.

As acknowledged specialists in electronics applied to POS marketing and publicity, our systems for electronic animation, sound, luminous display, and lighting are used across the board by advertisers, design agencies, POS material makers, etc., alike.

LOUPI has an ultra-performance engineering department, a geographical location between Paris and Düsseldorf, component stocks in China, and product stocks in Germany. This organization enables it to guarantee top quality electronic and mechanical production. LOUPI has always made research and innovation a priority. Its ELECTRONICS business has brought it to recognition as a quality manufacturer and as the French No.1 in applied electronics for advertising.

Technological progress has driven LOUPI to diversify from its LOUPI ELECTRONIC business and create a new division, LOUPI LIGHTING SYSTEMS, involved in the design and manufacture of lighting.

LOUPI Lighting systems combines aesthetics and performance to developed a range of lighting solutions dedicated to the POS “point of sale” world. In the service of commercial architecture, LOUPI Lighting systems offers a full range of solutions for the functional lighting of stores, retail outlets, museums/art galleries, and exhibition halls. Based on the same business organization as its ELECTRONIC division, LOUPI LIGHTING SYSTEMS meets today’s requirements for a reliable partner to lighting designers and implementation specifiers and positions itself as a quality manufacturer for distributors and installers.